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FAQ'S  Portable Gel and Bio Fuel Fires

Portable Gel and Bio Fuel Fires

How safe are portable gel and bio fuel fires?

Our gel and bio fuel fires are completely safe when treated with the respect that all naked flames deserve and when used in accordance with the instructions supplied. All of our burners have been designed with safety as a priority. For further safety information please request a copy of our safety instructions (these are supplied with all products purchased)

What is Fire gel & Bio ethanol liquid fuel?

All our fuels are derived from the fermentation of crops therefore producing only carbon dioxide and water vapour when burning making them safe to use indoors without the need for a chimney or flue.

Where can I use portable gel and bio fuel fires?

Our portable fires can be used either indoors on a table top, in a disused fireplace, in an alcove or outdoors in the garden.  Our portable gel fires/bio ethanol fires are completely safe to use indoors, care should be taken to ensure that the fires are placed on a stable, solid surface. They should be placed out of the reach of children and pets and away from flammable materials (e.g. curtains / sofas etc.). Bear in mind that a strong draft will fan the flames from side to side. Outdoors the gel fire will still burn successfully in breezy conditions however the flame can become unpredictable so care should be taken.

Where can I buy replacement gel? 

You can buy fire gel from us on line at any time and we will deliver it to your door.

How hot will the fire get?

Our gel fires/bio fuel fires are designed to allow heat to convect away from the body of the burner. Although the sides of the fire will warm up the base of the unit will stay cooler so they will remain safe to touch. The fuel reservoir and the top of the gel fire/bio fuel fire will get very hot and these areas should not be touched until the burner has cooled for several minutes.

How large are the flames and can I vary their size?

The size of the flame is determined predominantly by the size of the fuel reservoir being used and by the prevailing conditions (i.e. breezy or still air). Most models do not have a flame varying option (see product spec for further details)

Will the burner set off my smoke alarm if used indoors?

The ethanol based fuel that we supply burns without smoke, therefore, using your burner indoors will not set off your smoke alarm.

How do I light the burner?

To light the gel fire/bio fuel fire just apply a naked flame using a taper or extended lighter to the surface of the fuel in the reservoir. An initial small blue flame (sometimes difficult to see immediately) will spread across whole surface of the fuel and begin to turn yellow within a short period of time. The flames will reach their maximum height when the reservoir has warmed up. Do not refill or light a reservoir immediately after use - allow to cool for several minutes before relighting.

How do I extinguish the burner?

To extinguish the burner, place the snuffer supplied over the reservoir - the flames will be starved of oxygen and will go out within a couple of seconds.

When can I relight a warm burner?

Do not refil or light a reservoir immediately after use - allow to cool before relighting - warm fuel vapours in the reservoir need time to cool and either condense or disperse before relighting.  

How much Fire gel or bio ethanol fuel will I use?

The rate at which the bio fuel burns is determined predominantly by the size of the fuel reservoir being used and by the prevailing conditions (i.e. breezy or still air). Burn times for most models can be found within the detailed product pages

Will the burner make my ceiling black if used indoors?

The bio fuel that we supply burns with no smoke or odour. Therefore, using your bio fuel fire indoors will not generate the black smoke marks.

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